Keep the Fires Burning in SD

Winter was coming and the woodpiles were dwindling. We heard word from San Diego water protectors organizations that the camp needed firewood and stoves.

Aho Metakye Oyasin

Alexander came to me one day and said “I’ve gathered some money to help!”. “How much?”, I said. “330 dollars”, he replied. “We better add another zero to that number, nephew. Let’s start a gofundme campaign!”. We were determined to find a way to help, so we gathered a list from the  US  forestry service of local logging companies and started calling.  Our first collaborator was John Hansen, a generous rancher and a 5th generation North Dakotan who had offered to donate all the cottonwood that we could gather from his property. We decided to go for it.

John (left) and Alexander (right)

Equipped with a 40ft flatbed truck, chainsaws, and the support of the community through the gofundme campaign, Alexander began his journey. Two months and 12 trips later, thousands of pounds of cottonwood and 40 wood stove kits had been successfully delivered to dozens of camps. Thanks to the many new friends along the way, a process has now been streamlined to allow for many more trips in the future. Success!

– David Warren GoodKnife



Community Feedback

“Wópilá Tánkán…. Y’all… Lílá wópilá Tánkán….”
– Cheyenne River Sioux tribe

“It’s our honor to be of service in that way thank you for the gratitude coming back to us.Thank them for being the protectors and for their love and devotion towards mother earth. May beauty surround them.”

“It is our honor as Lakota people….all the Tiospaye (families) will be warm & safe…wópilá (Thank you) from all our Cántés (heart)…I will give our Tribal Chairman Harold Frazier the great humbleness of strangers, but now are in our Tiospaye (family)… Wópilá áké ~ Mitákûyápí, thank you again my family.”