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Uncle’s mentoring goes international. Masai warrior finds his way to sweat lodge.

Ole Sankale cultural ambassador from the Masai Nation of Kenya Who was sent on a mission by The Chiefs of the Massai people to California to bring awareness of the strife the Masai people are facing with their colonialization release and Global Warming that is compromising the way of life of the Masai people, protecting a way of life is his mission. Mni Wiconi brings them together with a uniting of solidarity. Mitakuye Oyasin.

The fun part is ole and uncle are collaborating On some prayer songs to share with you humanity.  Look for the release with our communities musical ensemble.

High Times Feature: Remedy Rolls by Healing Sacrament Offer A Puff And A Prayer

“Somebody’s got to go convey the message that there’s not just recreational and medicinal. There is a sacramental use of cannabinoids.”. These are the words of David Warren Goodknife, and he’s decided that he is that somebody. I visited him at his home office in San Diego, California to learn more. At the same time, I learned about Remedy Rolls by Healing Sacrament. It’s a new product for those who consume cannabis for spiritual purposes.

David is an ordained ceremonialist with the Oklevueha Native American Church. He has a wealth of experience with psychoactive plant medicines used by indigenous people. He is also, he says, the first Native American peyote practitioner to embrace cannabis.

It wasn’t an easy decision, however. David had been sober and involved in 12-step programs since 1984, so wasn’t a cannabis user. But then he found out that a constituent, as he refers to members of his church, began making a cannabis tincture to calm seizures in their epileptic child. This inspired David to further explore the medicinal uses of the herb.

“I started taking care of constituents with cancer and saw its miraculous healing properties,” David Warren Goodknife remembers.”

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Keep the Fires Burning in SD

Winter was coming and the woodpiles were dwindling. We heard word from San Diego water protectors organizations that the camp needed firewood and stoves.

Aho Metakye Oyasin

Alexander came to me one day and said “I’ve gathered some money to help!”. “How much?”, I said. “330 dollars”, he replied. “We better add another zero to that number, nephew. Let’s start a gofundme campaign!”. We were determined to find a way to help, so we gathered a list from the  US  forestry service of local logging companies and started calling.  Our first collaborator was John Hansen, a generous rancher and a 5th generation North Dakotan who had offered to donate all the cottonwood that we could gather from his property. We decided to go for it.

John (left) and Alexander (right)

Equipped with a 40ft flatbed truck, chainsaws, and the support of the community through the gofundme campaign, Alexander began his journey. Two months and 12 trips later, thousands of pounds of cottonwood and 40 wood stove kits had been successfully delivered to dozens of camps. Thanks to the many new friends along the way, a process has now been streamlined to allow for many more trips in the future. Success!

– David Warren GoodKnife



Community Feedback

“Wópilá Tánkán…. Y’all… Lílá wópilá Tánkán….”
– Cheyenne River Sioux tribe

“It’s our honor to be of service in that way thank you for the gratitude coming back to us.Thank them for being the protectors and for their love and devotion towards mother earth. May beauty surround them.”

“It is our honor as Lakota people….all the Tiospaye (families) will be warm & safe…wópilá (Thank you) from all our Cántés (heart)…I will give our Tribal Chairman Harold Frazier the great humbleness of strangers, but now are in our Tiospaye (family)… Wópilá áké ~ Mitákûyápí, thank you again my family.”

Peaceful Ninjas

Peaceful Ninjas is a holistic peace education movement empowering youth to co-create world peace by fusing ancient and modern mindfulness practices. We offer educational programs at a variety of schools, yoga studios and at-risk centers throughout Los Angeles.

Our aim is to support our future leaders with tools that allow them to grow into their fullest purpose and potential.

Teacher Training Workshop

The workshop will be led by Peaceful Ninjas founder Zachariah Fisher, Monkey Chant Master Paradox Pollack, Happiness Coach Alain Lagger , founder of SING the WORLD AWAKE Karen Seva, AcroYoga and Koha Yoga co founder Sara Luke and our team of special guest teachers. Training will also include:

~Skills that draw from Yoga, Capoeira, Mindfulness,Qigong, Non Violent Communication and more that will empower you to share with a wide variety of people and places including: Schools, Corporations, Rehabilitation Centers, Events, Workshops, Festivals, and Private Mentorship.

~Upgrade your ways of communication and class/behavior management

~Create sacred containers for powerful human transformation and awakening.

~ Discover your unique gifts as a facilitator and teacher and how you can thrive with a purpose filled career.

Please visit for more info.