We at Assembly of the Divine ONAC “Oklevueha Native American Church” are a free independent branch of the Mother Church. We are a Federally Recognized Native American Church/ Indigenous Tribal Organization: We believe in the rights of Mother Earth and all walks of life. Assembly of the Divine was established to provide our community with counseling, education, spiritual growth, fellowship and healing. We are a full service Experiential Spiritual Community/Church.

Our mission is to protect the practice of Mother Earth based Indigenous spiritual traditions, ceremonies, sacred practices, and Indigenous Natural Medicine ways. As a church we practice a conservative approach to indigenous ceremonial work, wisdom and teaching. We do our best to maintain the integrity of the wisdom that has been passed from generation to generation, however still allowing tradition to evolve through vision and the need to meet people where they are at in this current day.

ATODHS offers over 30+ gatherings and events on an annual basis. To support individual growth of mind body and spirit. We welcome all walks of life who come in a good way to join our spiritual community.

David Warren GoodKnife

Fire Chief SDN, Veteran Sundancer, Pipe carrier, Peyotist, Lead Ceremonialist  of Assembly of the Divine Healing Sacrament ONAC (Oklevueha Native American Church) and Activist.

David has close to 3 decades of Ceremony, on and off the reservation. Apprenticeship with traditional elders, combined learning and teachings that include understandings derived from both, western therapeutic models as well as indigenous spiritual practices, including use of traditional Plant Medicine.

“David’s ability to translate the ancient wisdom and ceremonies of the Lakota people into the modern western world is a gift that few people possess.”
~Steve Moore MFT

“The most striking attributes are his humility, dedication, sincerity and ability to motivate others to seek a higher consciousness”.
~Sharon Manuelito, LMSW, Dine’

Reverend Cari ‘Pheta Uha Mani’ (who carries the fire) Warren H.H.P.,H.T.P.,

Born Mystic. Ceremonialist of Assembly of the Divine Healing Sacrament ONAC has been a Minister with Universal Life Church since 1993, walked the ‘Red Road” for over 25 years, is honored to be a Sundancer & Pipe carrier, and also has followed the Celtic faiths for longer than both. She brings together her and indigenous native Celtic an American traditions of her lineage and teachings to share with community, through prayer and ceremony.

Assembly of the Divine ONAC is Based out of San Diego Ca. with Ceremony sites in Southern California.

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