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Our Goal is to establish a “spiritual based, non-medical, holistic health care center” to provide holistic spiritual retreats for those diagnosed with cancer.Join us in our movement to further awareness of the miraculous capabilities of cannabis therapy, for the future in Care of cancer.In our vision, we see

the use of cannabis, spiritual, holistic and therapeutic modalities to oppose cancer. At the “Shelbie  Care House” under the umbrella of the Assembly of the Divine Healing Sacrament Church of ONAC. First course of action is sponsoring a viability study for the Shelbie Care House Project.


Remedy Rolls – a Human Art

The idea for Remedy Rolls came to me one day when I was asked by a young man at ceremony if I could share some Kinnikinnick with him and his friends. I didn’t think much of it until I caught several of the boys multiple times rolling the Kinnikinick with Cannabis and noticed a recurring pattern. I said “To heck with that, I can do it better than these knuckle-heads”, I stopped giving it away and I figured I could support the Church with the brand. It’s working. The boys didn’t know I’ve been working with these plants for a couple of few decades perfecting the art of blending smoke for flavor and for medicinal benefits. The combined flavors and medicinal properties are pure magic.

Remedy Rolls has continued to evolve since then but I say thank you Wopila to all the boys and others I busted spiking my blends. At the end of the day, we are allowing tradition to evolve through vision and the need to meet people where they are at in this current day. Thank you to all who inspired us to do this work.

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CBD Tinctures

Our CBD tincture’s where created by one of our community members out of love and caring for his epileptic child, he became an expert.With love he gifted the recipe and the expertise to Assembly of the Divine that the medicine will continue to heal Long and beyond.Several recipes were created with varying 19 to 1 ratio and 21 to 1 ratio’s CBD to THC.All supplementing health of mind body and spirit. Available in olive oil, MCT and coconut oil.


– Testimonial –

“Thank you for the CBD oil that I acquired thru my son Aaron. I had a total knee replacement in April of 2017. My physical therapist explained to me I was suffering from a case of Arthrofibrosis post surgery. The tissue that was healing was very tight and adhering to the bone. I was put on a round of steroids to help increase mobility. It did work but was only good for one week. Aaron was visiting and had some of your oil.The minute the oil touched my skin I felt a loosing of the tissue and I was able to continue to work my mobility. The side benefit was watching the scar tissue heal literally before my eyes.Thank you for creating such a great healing product.I don’t know where I would have been without. My worst fear was not to be able to resume my active life style. Your oil has given me back the quality of life I was use to. Many blessings, Skip K”


– Full THC
– 1:3 THC/CBD
– 1:1 THC/CBD


Wild-craft Herbal Blend (Kinnikinnick)

Kinnikinnick is a Native American and First Nations herbal smoking mixture, made from a traditional combination of leaves or barks. Recipes for the mixture vary, as do the uses, from social, to spiritual to medicinal.

Here are the ingredients in our custom Remedy Rolls medicinal blend.

Yerba Santa

Yerba Santa – Smoked for its calming, relaxing effects and used to ease asthma, chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis, colds and respiratory infections. Also acts as a decongestant, antioxidant, expectorant and demulcent.


White Sage

White Sage – Smoked to improve mood, relaxation, boost memory, clear throat, lungs and sinus infections. Is an antiseptic, also used to reduce menstrual pains and cramps.


Red Willow

Red Willow – Smoked with family, to show respect, for spiritual protection and to promote kinship in North American nations.



Mint – Used widely to ease gas pains and upper respiratory ailments. Also used for its taste and fragrance.


Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow Root – Used in smoke for coughs and sore throats and to prevent infection in the lungs. Also, used as an anti-inflammatory for



Lovage – Originally used as a vegetable, similar to celery. Eases gas pains, is a breath
deodorizer and for its sweet aroma.



Bearberry – Used in Native American herbal smoke blends, has antiseptic and astringent properties, relieves headaches and detoxes the bladder.


Deer's Tongue

Deer’s Tongue – Tastes similar to tobacco when smoked, used for it’s aroma in North American herbal smokes and as an anti-inflammatory.


Red Sumac

Red Sumac – Used in herbal smoking blends in North America. It’s an anti-fungal, antimicrobic and antioxidant.

**Information on the folklore and traditional uses and properties of herbs provided on this site are for educational use only and is not intended as medical advice. Every attempt has been made for accuracy, but no one is guaranteed. Many traditional uses and properties of herbs have not been validated by the FDA. If you have any serious health concerns, you should always check with your health care practitioner before self administering herbs.**

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